Purchase Order Financing 

Purchase order finance and accounts receivable factoring options for companies in Hong Kong that have a subsidiary in the United States or Canada and are billing through their US or Canadian based subsidiary. Some suppliers want you to pay cash on delivery while your customer wants to pay you net 30 to 60 days. Meanwhile, labor, packaging and shipping costs all have to be met. Our purchase order finance service exists to make your deals not only possible, but profitable.

You have a confirmed order from a creditworthy customer but lack the cash to fulfill it?  We can advance up to 80% of the confirmed purchase cost to your supplier. We either pay your supplier or open a letter of credit. You deliver the goods and we invoice your customer. We collect the invoice payment from your customer and pay you the balance between the order value and the amount paid to your supplier, minus our fees and cost of money used, once payment has been received.

This purchase order finance facility can complement a receivables factoring facility.  You need additional capital to fund single or multiple transactions with creditworthy customers, then our accounts receivable factoring option can be the best solution. You deliver the goods to your customer obtaining proof of delivery and acceptance of the goods. You invoice us for the goods at an agreed discount and we advance you up to 85% of the value of your invoice. We invoice your buyer for the full amount and collect payment according to your agreed terms. We pay you the balance less our administration fees and cost of money used, once payment has been received.

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Purchase Order Financing / Accounts Receivable Factoring

Minimum (USD): $300,000 (below on a case by case)
Maximum (USD): $30 million (higher on a case by case)
Startups (case by case)
Rates/Terms: Competitive
Industries: We fund most industries
Normal terms and conditions apply

Asset Based Lending (For U.S. subsidiaries of HK companies)

Receivables Lines of Credit
Minimum (USD): $100,000
Maximum (USD): $25 million
Years in Business: 2 Minimum
DSCR / FCCR: 1.20x
Rates/Terms: Competitive
United States, United Kingdom and Canada
Normal terms and conditions apply