Factoring For IT and Communications Industry in Hong Kong

Hong Kong information technology and communications factoring.

Hong Kong Factoring offer flexible import and export funding options that include a whole suite of trade finance solutions including export accounts receivable financing and factoring, PO funding and supply chain finance to companies in the information technology and communications industry.

We see the changes and constant advances in technology along with innovations in technological communication and as a funding company for the industry it is our responsibility to keep up with the constant industry advances and have available flexible funding solutions for our clients that can help ensure the expansion and continued growth of their global business.

Our export funding facilities are designed for companies in the IT and communications industry and can be used individually or in concert with other credit facilities that can complement each other for improved cash flow and keep the company moving forward.

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BASIC TERMS | IT Factoring

Information Technology Factoring / Import Export Funding

Minimum (USD): $300,000 (below on a case by case)
Maximum (USD): $30 million (higher on a case by case)
Startups (case by case)
High Advances on Receivables
Rates/Terms: Competitive
Industries: We fund most industries
Normal terms and conditions apply

Asset Based Lending (For U.S. subsidiaries of HK companies)

Receivables Lines of Credit
Minimum (USD): $100,000
Maximum (USD): $25 million
Years in Business: 2 Minimum
DSCR / FCCR: 1.20x
Rates/Terms: Competitive
United States, United Kingdom and Canada
Normal terms and conditions apply