Export Factoring For Hong Kong Based Companies

Hong Kong Companies Can Trade Overseas With Confidence

Our export factoring group has available a whole suite of export funding services for companies in Hong Kong with a complete package to help facilitate the import and export of goods and services and further help develop their overseas business profitably and with confidence.

Through our affiliate network, we provide export capital for transactions in many of the Asia Pacific countries and throughout the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and in selected parts of Eastern and Western Europe.

Improve Your Cash Flow

Our export factoring service means an immediate injection of cash against the value of your outstanding export invoices. We can release up to 80% of the value of the invoice normally within 24 hours after verification. The remaining 20%, less a small service fee, is paid to you once your customer pays.

We can also help with your local sales.  And since our services are tailored to your company's capital requirements, our competitive terms and fees are set based on your specific funding needs.

Assistance With Managing Overseas Customers

The Hong Kong factoring team brings a network of operating companies in select overseas markets that can help remove the hassle of dealing with overseas customers.  Our multilingual support staff helps eliminate the challenge of communicating with your customers. We speak with your customers in their native language to avoid any misinterpretation and help resolve any issues relating to the sale and invoicing of your product and collection of the payment due.

Can We Help Your Company?

If your export business is seeking funding, please contact us today.


Export Factoring / Import Factoring

Minimum (USD): $300,000 (below on a case by case)
Maximum (USD): $30 million (higher on a case by case)
Startups (case by case)
High Advances on Receivables
Rates/Terms: Competitive
Industries: We fund most industries
Normal terms and conditions apply

Asset Based Lending (For U.S. subsidiaries of HK companies)

Receivables Lines of Credit
Minimum (USD): $100,000
Maximum (USD): $25 million
Years in Business: 2 Minimum
DSCR / FCCR: 1.20x
Rates/Terms: Competitive
United States, United Kingdom and Canada
Normal terms and conditions apply