Real Funding Options

Funding options that offer exporters real solutions to which includes a full range of trade finance and invoice and receivables financing facilities such as accounts receivable factoring, import and export funding, PO and supply chain finance. These facilities combine non-recourse factoring with credit insurance, which can protect and guarantee export companies with 100% protection against losses of receivables or insolvency of their customers or suppliers.

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Professional Financial Team

Our team is comprised of financial experts that understand markets and customs on a global scale along with the funding needs of exporters. Understanding markets and trade and the cash flow challenges that exporters are constantly facing in a global market is paramount for the success of our clients. Our expertise and funding solutions help clients and their overseas business achieve success in a global economy.

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Who We Are?

We are an online division of a New York based financial services company that has been in business for over 40 years and with affiliate offices around the globe, our team is comfortable funding transactions worldwide. Funding solutions that are tailored to fit the specific funding requirements of our clients and their overseas business. It can help exporters secure more orders, increase sales and free up capital that can help improve their bottom line.

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Welcome to Hong Kong Factoring!

Accounts Receivable Financing | Import and Export Factoring

Hong Kong Factoring is a division of Corporate Finance New York, we bring a whole suite of flexible state-of-the-art business funding solutions that include accounts receivable factoring, trade finance and import and export funding.  These funding options help facilitate the export and/or import of goods and services and are available to Hong Kong based companies, U.S., Canadian and European based subsidiaries of Hong Kong companies and companies that are importing into Hong Kong and other markets.


Funding for companies based in Hong Kong is handled by a professional financial team affiliate with offices in Hong Kong and New York. Options include receivables factoring, import and export funding and trade finance solutions.



Funding for subsidiaries of Hong Kong companies or companies that are outside of HK or are importing into HK is handled by our international funding group in New York. Funding options include receivables factoring, import and export funding, asset based lending and trade finance.



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